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A. E. De Ellendeh
after eight years i understood what people have against me

a US soldier and a anarchocynic

don't you agree life is a book and the expiry date runs out for this culture? that it is explicitaly weak and very surprising no chamfort and voltaire have surfaced yet to say anything usefull? I believe words, ideas will be the ammunition to be used while the economy crashes. But the entertainment, well, it IS the deficit itself, it can never win?! At some point, it breaks. Not even stupid crowds can last on a culture called "matrix 240" so eventually, we will win.…

Mayhem - View from Nihil (I and II)

-CENSORED NAME The planets within our galaxy are simply a clock counting down until expiration. I appreciate the optimism you have. However, I am not interested in people who do not see it already.

-Uwh okay bly me, i will try to remember that then. The option is there surely but i don't know what else to do then some idylle at the advent of total meat loaf engine squishing us into oblivion. Its a form of cynicism in every way. just like my idea to paint supermarkets with wintergardens on top, on the streets, in group, with some girls in baroque dresses. Its an art form, now you have me think everyone is hatefully displeased of my presence and cynical idylle, which is probably treu. I did n't know that. inertia hates movement. :'(

-I want to save people who can handle being saved. Who want to be.

Living in denial is no better than being dead. Accepting a future that can be prepared for, are the only mindsets harnessable anyways, all others lose hope.

-Well in a university here they already weer eating toast with jellyfish, the only thing left they said in fifty years. i think its more like twenty years. i hope so anyway, when i'm dead and the fish and oil and forests run out, people will be preying on my every word like vulture, what good that will do. i don't know. i'm seriously not concidering cutting my ear off when i wrote so much about society. the change is only in agreculture and farming, one man designed the suburbs, he was wrong. thats not anyones fault, i'm just saying we are at a point as the french revolution where they learnt about the idea "bacteria" surely the top political cleric and their politics of futility you WANT everyone to die, that is definatly treu. but if it crashes its not unrealistic for the US military to enforce other methods of survival. people need to get off their ass and out of the secretary offices. cancel royco basically. get a chicken. pagan it is, peasents though they have remained to be, too bad their peasent attitude turned to an arrogance of spoilt princes.

I am a provoker, and because i am foruming ideas i am now loathed by the nihilist provokers, who have themselves no point left to provoke.


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